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    What are the key benefits of ForePaaS ?

    Here are three benefits to name but a few:

    • Time to market
      Since the platform abstracts the organization from the details of the infrastructure while offering all the services that the data processing applications require, deployment is fast. If any proof were needed, the average deployment time on our platform is one month.
    • Custom-designed
      Whereas SaaS services give users ready-to-go applications that offer limited customization options, ForePaaS delivers all the services that organizations need to develop an application matching their specifications.
    • Scalability
      Need to incorporate new data streams? New processes? New user groups for your applications? In all cases, the platform can draw on the resources of the cloud infrastructure to accommodate new requirements within an extremely short turnaround time.

    What pricing model does ForePaaS use ?

    Whereas many SaaS solutions are based on per-user licensing, ForePaaS uses a pay-as-you-go model. Several types of subscription plan are available according to the amount of resources required, but without any limitation on the number of users. We firmly believe that restricting the number of users is contrary to the very purpose of data processing and analytics applications and drives down their value.

    IaaS, PaaS, SaaS - How does ForePaaS actually create value ?

    IaaS services (Infrastructure as a Service) provide the raw resources (storage, computing power, etc.) that organizations can use to deploy their own platforms and applications. SaaS services (Software as a Service) give users access to ready-to-use functional or business solutions that offer limited customization options. PaaS services (Platform as a Service) provide a ready-made environment for developing and implementing applications. Users no longer have to worry about the platform (and its maintenance), meaning that they can focus on their applications and data.

    How is ForePaaS specialized in processing and analyzing data ?

    ForePaaS is not a generic platform for developing any type of application. It is specifically designed for developing data processing and analytics applications. What it actually does is combine all the technical services that organizations need to connect to data sources, as well as store, exploit, analyze and report data. Those dozen or so services themselves use different services, libraries, databases, and so on. ForePaaS looks after the whole of the underlying technical infrastructure, so that users can concentrate on their data and applications.

    How does ForePaaS differ from Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services ?

    In practice, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services are more similar to an infrastructure as a service than a platform as a service. As such, their services require strong technical expertise and involve long implementation times. ForePaaS offers an environment for specifically developing and using data processing and analytics applications, which explains why implementation times are faster than other platforms, since all the services are operational and only need to be personalized to suit the user’s given needs.

    How does ForePaaS differ from Business Intelligence SaaS applications ?

    Most of these SaaS applications address specific needs, such as providing visual representations of the organization’s data or analyzing sales force performance. ForePaaS is designed to drive all types of data processing and analytics applications. This prevents users from fragmenting or even siloing their data and the associated processes between a heterogeneous range of solutions.

    Is ForePaaS like a data management platform (DMP) ?

    Everything is a matter of definition. A DMP commonly refers to a platform that is used to manage data relating to the organization’s prospects and target audience segments. DMPs are therefore specialized platforms for marketing purposes. This does not apply to ForePaaS, since our solution is a general-purpose platform capable of powering all types of data management and processing applications. ForePaaS makes no distinction between marketing and other sectors. That is why ForePaaS is literally a data management platform.

    How does ForePaaS help shorten time-to-market ?

    The platform makes extensive use of automated functionality to abstract users from a large number of tasks that are both highly technical and time-consuming. Furthermore, the platform instantly provides a complete environment and saves you from having to use additional solutions. Examples:

    • Automatic installation of all the components and their configurations.
    • Provision of configuration-ready services.
    • Instantiation of different environments (development, production, etc.)
    • Fine-grained management of versions and deployments between environments.
    • Management of users and permissions.
    • Provision of maintenance and monitoring tools.

    What do we mean when we say that ForePaaS is cloud-agnostic ?

    It simply means that when you activate the solution, you are the one who chooses the cloud service provider. Four options are currently available: hosting with OVH, Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, or in our own data center which is managed with the Cisco HyperFlex system. ForePaaS is designed to deliver superior flexibility by taking full advantage of the latest technological breakthroughs in architecture and infrastructure (APIs, microservices, containers, software-defined infrastructure, etc.).

    Is ForePaaS compatible with a hybrid cloud approach ?

    Yes, because the platform’s modular architecture provides the required flexibility. ForePaaS can be used as part of a hybrid cloud approach if dictated by the sensitivity of the organization’s data and its applicable governance rules.

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